FluoDerm Technical


FluoDerm illuminates an area of the skin surface of diameter 40mm, with a bright blue light matching the Soret band of PpIX at 407nm (Fig.1), and the corresponding red PpIX fluoresence intensity around 633nm over this area is dynamically measured and displayed.

As 5-ALA in cream or in the form of Levulan, Metvix or PhotoSpray does not fluoresence, then the actual transformed PpIX concentration in the dermis can be registered indirectly by measuring the intensity of the added fluorescence.

The measurement can be performed anywhere as the instrument electronically corrects for the actual ambient light. 




Technical Specifications:


Weight:                             630g

H x W x D    240 x 100 x 100mm

Exposure area:               40mm

Emission Light intensity:      2mW

Emitting wavelength:  400-420nm

Measuring excitation

wavelength:              610-720nm

Display:                          0 - 999


Patent Pending:





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Fig.1 PpIX absorption spectra                         Fig. 2 Blue Light exposure  

We: Excitation 407 nm                                 

Wf: Fluorescence  emmision 633 nm